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Upcoming Sales: Best Days to Shop from the US Online Stores in 2021

Who does not like sales and big discounts? Getting the best price on favorite products is the dream of every shopper. Knowing the upcoming sales when big brands offer amazing discounts can help you buy everything you want at a significantly low price. The cherry on the cake will be if you know the seasonal items that will likely go on sale during the big sale or holiday sales days.  Continue reading the article to find the best days to shop care-free from your favorite US online stores. 

Major Upcoming Sales Days of America 

While deals and sales happen all time of the year across the vast sea of online retailers; however, some specific days are special. On these amazing days, all the big brands decide to get the attention of their valuable customers by putting on the biggest sales.  

We have made a list of the best online shopping days of the year that you can put in your holiday shopping calendar for 2021 to categorize your buys. 

Martin Luther King Jr. Day  

Celebrated every year in January, it is one of the major holiday sale days in the US. During the long weekend, you can expect sales on beauty, clothing, and home goods.   

President Day  

President’s Day is actually Washington’s birthday and holiday in the US. It is celebrated on the third Monday in February. During the long weekend and holiday shopping time, you can get amazing deals on appliances and mattresses making it perfect for holiday shopping.   

St. Patrick’s Day  

Though it is not a major sale holiday, you can find some interesting deals on this day. St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated every year in March. It is a good time to find amazing deals on Iris-themed jewelry and green gifts.   


Celebrated in April, Easter is one of the important sales days. Stores are quiet on this day, but lead-up days are filled with sales. If you love shopping from US online stores, this is the best time of the year as you can get exciting discounts. You can expect sales on spring attire and accessories. All the big US retailers and brands offer amazing discounts and sales during this time of the year.   

Mother’s Day  

It is another amazing day of discounts and sales on your favorite products. This day is celebrated every year in May, and you can find exciting offers on perfume, jewelry, and other gifts for Mother’s Day.   

Memorial Day  

Celebrated in May, this day is perfect for shopping. The three-day weekend offers plenty of deals on clothing and appliances.   

Father’s Day  

This day is celebrated every year on June 20, and during this time of the year, you can find attractive deals on watches, shoes, wallets, menswear, TVs, and other popular things you can gift your dad.   

Fourth of July  

On Independence Day, you can expect a super amazing weekend of sales. This is the best time to shop from your favorite US online stores and brands, as you can find all you want at the best price.

Amazon Prime Day  

Prime Day is usually celebrated in mid-July and is best to shop from Amazon.  It is like shopping festival for shopping freaks as you can find the best deals on Amazon during this time. 

Tax-Free Weekends  

Many states in the US offer a tax-free weekend every year in August. During this time, sales tax is waived on school supplies, electronics, and clothing. It is the perfect time to shop for summer clothing, school supplies, and laptops.   

Labor Day  

Celebrated every year in September, this day ends the grilling season. Therefore, you can expect discounts on back-to-school supplies, furniture, appliances, and mattresses. It is one of the major upcoming sales of the year.  


Halloween itself is not a big shopping day and another upcoming sales time for shopping lovers. However, during this time of the year, you can find an adequate discount on cozy clothing, including joggers and sweats. In addition to this, October is the best time to buy an old model of iPhones. Apple usually launches its latest phones in September, so you can find exciting discounts on older models in October.   

Black Friday  

This day brings the perfect holiday sale for tech freaks. It is the best time to buy smart home devices, computers, tablets, and smartwatches.   

Cyber Monday  

Celebrated on November 29, this upcoming sales day was actually introduced to compliment eCommerce stores. You can find amazing deals on Google ads, emailers, and banners. Moreover, this day is also known for travel and clothing deals. 

Super Saturday

As Christmas approaches, retailers and online stores start discounting a wide range of products making it the most happening upcoming sales period. The days surrounding Super Saturday are full of last-minute deals, so make sure to keep your cart ready.   

New Year’s Eve  

After Christmas, the New Year’s sales begin from December 26 and last till January 1. It is the best holiday shopping time to shop for winter clothes, accessories, and makeup products.   

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