A Step-by-Step Breakdown of the International Package Forwarding Process

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Every day hundreds of millions of parcels are handled by postal and package forwarding services in the United States. If you want to start shopping internationally, you need to understand the ins and outs of package forwarding entirely to make shopping and shipping hassle-free.  

According to a report published by Statista, 63% of customers abandon their cart due to the excess shipping cost. However, with My Package Forwarder, you don’t need to do that anymore. We offer a resilient and hassle-free package forwarding service to ensure that you enjoy a seamless shopping experience. 

So, without any further ado, here is a step-by-step breakdown of the international package forwarding process

Who Is Involved in Package Forwarding?

The package forwarding process involves four primary players:  

  • Shipper 
  • Consignee 
  • package forwarder
  • Shipping line

What is a shipper?

The shipper refers to the person who delivers the package to the forwarder. In short, the shipper is the person who handles your parcel and gets it delivered to the forwarder.

What is a consignee?

A consignee is an organization or a person who receives your parcel. To succinctly describe, they are the ultimate destination of your parcel.  

What is a package forwarder?

A package forwarder makes cross-border shopping easy and convenient by getting rid of the shipping and payment issues. My Package Forwarder would be classed as the ideal package forwarder for your fulfillment needs. We forward your parcels anywhere in the world. At My Package Forwarder, we ensure to offer the best package forwarding service. 

Package forwarding works like this. If you want to purchase a product from any online US store, which ships only to US addresses, you can purchase it and have it sent to our address, and we will ship the parcel to you.

What is a shipping line?

The shipping line refers to the company that carries the parcel internationally.  

International Package Forwarding: How Does It Work?

In order to understand package forwarding, let’s have a look at the process that takes place when you purchase goods from a US online store and get them forwarded.  

After You Complete Shopping 

When you sign up with My Package Forwarder, you are provided with a designated US address that you can use to shop from online US stores. After purchasing your items, you just have to ship them to the address we provide you.  

From there we will take care of your parcels and prepare them for the next step. When your parcel is ready, we will forward it to the next step in the package forwarding chain.  

At the Exit Port

When your package reaches the airport, it has to clear export customs. If all the documents are complete and filed completely, this process is smooth. Customs will inspect your parcel and if everything is ok, it will head to the next step.  

Shipping Internationally

After clearing customs, your parcel is released to the shipping line. The package forwarder assigns the parcel to the shipping line, pays them, and includes this cost in your overall bill.  

At the Entry Point of Destination Country

When the package reaches its final destination, customs inspect it again. Here your package forwarder will handle everything for you. In some countries there is an import duty for which the consignee would need to take care of the charges.  

Getting to the Consignee 

An agent for your package forwarder will handle this step. They will pick your parcel from the port and will take it to the warehouse. From there, the delivery person will deliver it to the consignee.  

Where My Package Forwarder Comes In 

Our role is to make sure that every single step in the entire shipping process goes smoothly. When using our service, you can choose your shipping partner according to your needs and budget. Moreover, with us you do not have to pay that ever-prevalent sales tax, which makes us the ideal package forwarding service for you. 

Our dedicated package forwarding service is the second-to-none. We are among the best package forwarders having helped numerous customers and resellers sell their packages efficiently. If you are looking for the ideal package forwarding services, then look no further. We will be happy to help you with your niche packaging requirements.  

Do you have more questions? Feel free to contact us and we will do our best to help you.  

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